Now Android Applications to Nab Criminals!

17 December , 2013 admin Photo   Post Formats

Android phones are quite popular among the users and it is common among the users to hire a competent Android application developer to create eye-catching apps of their choice. Although, there exists millions of apps for entertainment, news, travel, music and games, it seems Android app development is now going to help policemen to nab criminals like never before. It sounds weird, but is true absolutely. Here are some of the wonderful Android apps that stand apart from the crowd and ensure a secure environment by helping police officials.

This Android app is perfect for constructing facial composites on the basis of the descriptions provided by the witness in case of any criminal activity like theft, robbery, etc. Police officials usually call sketch artists to do this task, but this android app does this task within a matter of few seconds.

Some cops fully utilize the features of this app to nab criminals within no time. This is easy to use and the finished sketch just looks like a pencil sketch. Sometimes it becomes difficult to call a sketch artist at a small notice and in this case, Flash Face produce a face that is sometimes truly identical to the actual suspect and help police officials to kick start the required action almost immediately.

Flash Face boasts of a large number of facial features in their sliding menu and thus is ideally the best android app that is truly useful. Moreover, the premium version comes at a price of only 4$. The completed facial composite can also be saved, printed or emailed!

The Cop App
This mainly helps in report writing within a matter of few seconds. What set this apart is the facility to include audio recordings and photos to the report file. The report can be stored as well as mailed anywhere in PDF form. It is also possible to delete a report if desired or edit it in a hassle free manner. The Cop App comes at a decent price of $4.99.

However, before using any of Android app development, it is best to consult the authorities to avoid any problem.

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