Project Description

RCM proposed a very simple business idea to his closest family and friends. Offer consumable products to the public that are proven to promote lasting wellness and health—and do it in a personal way. Instead of dumping big bucks into traditional advertising, compensate anyone willing to share these products with their family and friends.


  • Backend Web Control panel from where admin can manage chocolates data
  • Stock management of chocolates
  • Provided variations in one chocolate product.
  • Advance Search using Ajax which shows # of products before proceeding to search.
  • Price range based search.
  • Grouping of chocolate products.
  • Out of stock notifications to customer. So they can know about the product stock when it is loaded and they can buy it.
  • Automatic shipping date management like exclude holidays and other weekdays etc.
  • Add chocolate products into your favorite list so you do not need to search every time you want to place order.
  • Tool tip on product images
  • Cross selling of similar chocolate products
  • Coupon code on checkout page.
  • Time base shipping options
  • GMO using credit card Payment Gateway integrati0n
  • Invoice & Packing slip
  • Database Backup Script