Now an iPhone Application for Getting Photo Prints in India

24 December , 2013 admin Photo   Post Formats

It is true that iPhone application development has grown by leaps and bounds and in this development, the contribution of innovative thinkers is no less. One such name is Kicksend that today extended its photo print feature from mobile to the Indian users after getting remarkable success in United States last year. This feature was recently extended to countries like Mexico and Canada in the month of October.

The iPhone application looks promising and already has gets an overwhelmed response from smartphone users of other parts of the world. Kicksend has introduced the Android, Windows and web version of the same to reach out to each and every person in India. In India, it is deep customary belief to take the photographs of the memorable moments with a camera and to preserve them in an album carefully for generations. Earlier, these moments were child birth, marriage or an engagement.

However, change in time and lifestyle has introduced Indians with a whole range of things that they now find interesting and worthy to share with loved ones. Now with a hand held device with them for all the day, they click more photographs than ever and share them over facebook, Instagram, etc. The easy access to technology has propelled this eagerness and Kicksend’s iPhone application development is going to further augmenting this desire. Now, it is possible to order photo prints with the help of this iPhone application in a hassle-free manner.

Specifications of Kicksend iPhone Application

The specifications of the notable Kicksend iPhone application are mentioned below.

  • Version-3.2.9
  • Absolutely free
  • 8.4 MB in size
  • Optimized for iPhone 5
  • Compatible with iPhone 6, iPad, iPod Touch

With its foray in the India market, smartphone users can now get their photos printed and delivered into any specified address within a couple of days. It seems iPhone developers have really put a great amount of effort in terms of creativity to develop this useful and user friendly application. According to Pradeep Elankumaran, CEO of Kicksend, delivery will take at most two days.

The company will soon expand its operations and this feature in other countries in near future. With a large number of services available for sharing photographs with near and dear ones, Kicksend iPhone app is unique in the sense it allows to preserve those photographs forever by getting them printed that too with a mobile device.

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