Our Appropriate Methodology Helps Us Deliver the Best on Time

Development is a long process but can be simplified by following pertinent step by step method each time a new project comes across. We at Apeiront Solutions follow a 6 step development process to enable us address all queries on time and prepare us for the uncertainties that might come up at the time of working on the project. This in turn saves lot of time and also helps us deliver the project with utmost accuracy within thestipulated time period.

Step One: Data Collection and Need Analysis

Here we try to know as much as we can about our clients, their products and requirements through client interviews, product details and other documents. After this we want to know your view about the application or the website to be developed. Our experts then peep into the idea to determine its feasibility. If the project is feasible then we move on to the next step that is “Planning”.:

Step Two: Planning

As it implies here we plan how the development will be done, from start to finish. Various aspects of development like pulpit to be used, medium of communication and availability of resources including who will lead and assign the task to colleagues are decided upon. Project is then divided into parts forming the milestones these are further divided into smaller parts. Schedules mentioning the time when each of these milestones will be accomplished is prepared. All the things required to start development process are arranged for and the project kick starts.

Step Three: Developing and Reporting

Here application development actually starts as per the plans laid down in Step Two. During the entire process our developers remain in constant touch with clients to ensure, development is done as per their requirement and with their input. At the end of the week or as may be decided detailed reports of the development are sent to the client so that the client can measure progress of the project.

Step Four: Testing

Our experts consider this step as the most important in the entire process. It is during this process that they can know how well they have developed the project and whether the project will be able to deliver desired results. Our team of auditors checks each feature of the project in detail and records all their findings in spreadsheets.

Step Five: Corrections

Corrections in the project are done as per the findings of our QC experts. At the end this ensures that we have successfully developed the project to client satisfaction. This also ensures that the project will run successfully when deployed.

Step Six: Deployment and Maintenance

Last step in the entire process of project development is its successful deployment on client server as per the client system availability. This is ideally the last step of development, however our developers do not stop here, we even provide for its maintenance, if there is some problem then we our developers are always there, contact them and your project works flawlessly all the time.