Your App Isn’t Like Anyone Else’s. Your Mobile Marketing Plan Shouldn’t Be Either.

Your mobile marketing plan should be as unique as your mobile app. How, when and where you launch demands that you revisit the user profile that was developed during application design. From concept to launch, Apeiront Apps can position your mobile app to the your target audience.

Your App > Noticed > Downloaded > Adopted > Referred

There are more than 775,000 apps in The Apple Store alone – top apps are getting as many as 45K downloads a day and users are bombarded with new apps daily.

How can your mobile application compete?

A well-planned and executed mobile marketing strategy keeps the fun in, and the guesswork out, of launching new mobile applications.

Our Approach

Apeiront Apps’ marketing services gives your app the edge it needs in today’s crowded marketplace.

Let Apeiront craft a custom go-to-market strategy that propels your app into the market, creating momentum, and drives results.

Marketing mobile is different. While many organizations retain renowned digital marketing and advertising agencies, we began offering mobile marketing services at our client’s request. Online media may be similar, but promoting app adoption takes special expertise.

Our marketing professionals have great relationships with The Apple Store, Google Play Store, Google AdMob & Google Adwords, MSN AdCenter, and a host of Mobile Industry media as well as vertical industry media.

Apeiront Apps’ Mobile Marketing Team–At Your Service

Our marketing services professionals understand mobile marketing. We’ve done dozens of app launches for our clients. No two launches are exactly alike because every app is different. Our team is both marketing and mobile-savvy and by the time you’re nearing launch, we know each other pretty well. We work across the organizations at your company to coordinate messaging and vet assumptions about your mobile audience.

We can serve as your mobile app marketing agency – or team with your digital marketing agency to add our expertise to the mix.

How We Engage


In the Discovery phase, we work together to define what a successful mobile app launch will look like. What are the goals? Brand awareness (impressions), engagement, downloads, IAR, etc.


We then identify the mix of tactics that works with your budget and effectively reaches your target audiences. Social sites, email marketing, tweets, traditional public relations, smart banner ads, and securing ratings and reviews at key sites are just a few of the tactics we might deploy for your mobile app.


We understand marketing event sequencing for the mobile space and how each marketing channel can spur additional engagement. We will help define and set deliverables and lead times, coordinate with agencies, partners and other stakeholders – as well as ensure a smooth execution.


Already thinking about ROAS before the app has launched? Great. Our team can determine baseline metrics prior to app launch to later help tell the story of your mobile success.


Once all pre-launch deliverables have been executed, we unravel our Go-to-Market strategy with urgency and burst onto the scene. The app market thrives on grabbing users and evoking that primal impulse to…download.

Offered Marketing Services :

  • Insightful Competitive Analysis; by platform
  • App Store Copy Recommendations, per platform, based upon industry best practices
  • Smart App Banners
  • Email Strategy, Design & Development
  • PPC Advertising; Google SEM, MSN SEM, GDN, Remarketing, YouTube, Facebook etc.
  • Media Relations: Media Kits & Distribution to Media Outlets
  • Affiliate Marketing & Blog Adoption
  • Social Media Integration
  • Internal: SEO Recommendations, Dedicated Landing Pages, etc.

Our Marketing strategies are designed to boost your business. To get our assistance in these services, you just need to fill an INQUIRY FORM on top right side of the page.

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