Project Description

Have you ever found yourself wanting a better way to express yourself to your loved ones? Something more than just a tiny emoticon? Something quicker than a message? Something a bit more personal? Thinking of You is a new way to keep in touch with your friends and loved ones on the go. It allows you to send Thoughts to the people you care about. What are Thoughts? Thoughts are our carefully designed images that help you convey your emotions easily and uniquely via email/facebook/MMS/any other messaging application. Whatever the situation may be, you’ll find a great way to communicate your feelings via Thoughts.


  • Langage: English Hindi Spanishe
  • Send your handmade icons to your loves thorugh social website or Email
  • you can create your own fun
  • personalized
  • hand-crafted icons iOS 6 compatible UI improvements bug fixes Performance enhancements