Project Description

The AngerJournal Team has worked with 150 anger management experts from the US, UK, Canada, Australia, India, Thailand to bring you this simple to use We have tested our product with 300 real patients of anger management therapy from around the world, and here’s what they have to say:product that helps beat your anger!


  • Password protection to ensure that no one reads your daily journal entry
  • I’m Angry: An integrated calendar that allows you to store, edit and add journal entries and browse them in a user-friendly manner at any time
  • Happy Thoughts : A section where you can upload your happy thoughts, happy voice notes, special picture moments. Come back when you’re feeling low and browse all your Happy Thoughts to lift your mood!
  • personalized
  • Subscribe: This enables you to stay connected with the AngerJournal Team. We will constantly give you personalized weekly/monthly reports to tell you how you’re doing!s
  • A lot of other cool freebies on signing up!